You've found the website of Sydney's foremost stone care specialists. We clean, hone, polish, rejuvenate and seal - limestone, marble, sandstone, granite, terrazzo, pavers, and all types of ceramic and porcelain tiles. With incredible results, every time.

Using the most up-to-date technology stone cleaning and sealing in Sydney has never been so effective and economical. We work on all types of stone and tiles to make them look new again. So don't delay - contact us for a free quote today.

Primostone - experts on cleaning, polishing, repairing, sealing tile and grout, concrete repair and restoration, granite polishing

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It is the additional technology that Primo Stone brings to the task that makes our refurbishment services so economical though. We employ only the latest in pH-controlled material-specific detergents, diamond-embedded honing pads, and carborundum-encrusted scrubbing brushes to get the job done at the business end of our motorised cleaning tools. This means we can re-hone or re-polish smooth stone surfaces quickly and cleanly without needing to grind deeply into the stone and create large amounts of waste slurry as was traditionally done (and invariably at great expense). Rougher stone surfaces too, such as saw-cut, flamed or sandblasted finishes, can just as rapidly be scrubbed to a level of cleanliness previously unobtainable without significant cost and bother. And, to finish, we apply only the very best in modern stone sealer products, always purpose-selected to vitally aid in the ongoing cleaning and upkeep of the particular beautified stonework in your home or offices.

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