You've found the website of Sydney's foremost stone care specialists. We clean, hone, polish, rejuvenate and seal - limestone, marble, sandstone, granite, terrazzo, pavers, and all types of ceramic and porcelain tiles. With incredible results, every time.

Using the most up-to-date technology stone cleaning and sealing in Sydney has never been so effective and economical. We work on all types of stone and tiles to make them look new again. So don't delay - contact us for a free quote today.

Primostone - experts on cleaning, polishing, repairing, sealing tile and grout, concrete repair and restoration, granite polishing

About Us

Primo Stone specialises in the cleaning, surface rejuvenation and re-sealing of all stone-type materials, ranging from the straightforward refurbishment of domestic floors, walls and bench tops, right up to the restorative rejuvenation of historic installations. We can work wonders on a full range of natural and composite stones – limestone, marble, travertine, basalt, granite, terrazzo, terracotta and porcelain – and we are always happy to include furniture removal and replacement in our scope of works. Whichever stone and whatever the scope required though the distinguishing characteristics of our services never change: Primo Stone is your byword for effectiveness, economy and trustworthiness in stone surface treatments.

marble staircase before
marble staircase after
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